Our Mission

To strive and exceed the expectations of our customers, corporate clients and investors through superior quality property developments that stands the test of time. All through transparency, improvised specifications, timely delivery and the utmost degree of professionalism and ethics.

Path to Invest


This simply lets us know that you’re interested in our investment options and ensures we have all the information necessary to understand your financial position and proceed with your application. The Registration of Interest form is available on an offer’s Information Memorandum.


Our team reviews your Registration of Interest and confirms which investment products you are eligible for.


Your Registration of Interest form is assigned to one of our team of consultants. They will contact you to discuss the specifics of our offerings and help you determine which one best fulfills your investment goals.


If you decide to proceed with an investment opportunity, our team will prepare an Investment Agreement. This agreement is pre-populated using the information you provided on the Registration of Interest form. At this stage you will also need to nominate a bank account to receive your return/s.


Once your funds have been received by us (approximately 2-3 business days within Australia) your investment term will begin. For security purposes, we prefer electronic bank transfer to transfer your funds. Details on how to do this is provided on your Investor Agreement form.

Product and Services

We are G9 Property, foremost property development consultants, offering efficiencies attainable only through years of expertise and dedication in this industry. G9 Property specializes in the development of attractive, safe, and efficient early learning centers across Australia. and affordable living including NDIS and speciality assets like Medical Centers.

With a focus on childcare center and residential development, G9 Property brings extensive experience to the table. Our projects boast reduced risk profiles and expedited timelines, resulting in more profitable outcomes for our clients.

We possess a deep understanding of the childcare business, adept at identifying optimal property locations for this sector. Our services encompass efficient and appealing designs, a stellar success rate in obtaining planning and permit approvals, and a commitment to cost-effective construction of childcare centers.

From the inception of an idea to the completion of a project, G9 Property provides comprehensive support throughout the development process.

Our Products and Services

Affordable Living

Our dedicated team ensures access to safe, comfortable, and quality housing without financial strain. Through innovative approaches and cost-effective strategies, we make affordable living a reality for all. Whether it's rental properties, affordable homeownership opportunities, or community housing initiatives, we are committed to enhancing residents' quality of life while promoting financial stability.


Building Multi Units

Our focus is on simplifying affordable living in multi-unit developments. We offer cost-effective housing solutions tailored to diverse needs and budgets. With a commitment to affordability, we provide comfortable and quality living spaces without financial strain. Through innovative approaches and efficient strategies, we ensure that residents can access affordable housing options conveniently.


Future Homes

Addressing future housing shortages requires a multifaceted approach. By investing in sustainable urban planning, promoting mixed-income housing developments, and incentivizing affordable housing initiatives, we can mitigate housing scarcity. Collaboration between governments, developers, and communities is essential for long-term solutions to the housing shortage.


Specialised Assets

Innovating the development of specialized assets like childcare centers, NDIS accommodations, and medical centers involves leveraging cutting-edge design, technology, and sustainable practices to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each sector efficiently.

The Fact

Addressable Market in Australia

There is a huge demand our local Victorian goverment needs 223 houses build per day for next 10 years (800k) roughly for the huge influx of migrants and shortage of the accomodation. Click here

Townhomes and Appartments

Total sales in 2023 are roughly around 600k Median value with 41,700 total sales in the year. The Decade Ahead 2024-2034 also sets a bold target to build 800,000 new homes in VIctoria— 80,000 a year

Child Care- Special Assets

Let alone in 2023 the total Sales of Childcares were about $520M in worth, with still strong yeilds of 4.85%- 6% depenting on tenants and location. This is also because of Govenment funding

5 years

In operation

6 Projects


24 Million

To be Raised




Desirable Asset

17 %

Average Return

Our revenue projections over the next two years are very promising, with expected revenue returning between 16-24% return from year one to year two.

This growth is a testament to the strength of our product selection and the dedication of our team to driving success.